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 Welcome to Paradise Place, I will give you a quick overview of the site, A lot of the conect has not been update in years, a little is new.. I hope you find something of interest.
Kate Bush Kate Bush, whilst she might not be one of the most prolific musicians of our time she is definitely one of the most talented, I have tried to create a section with a lot of original content including some Real Audio interviews. Times change only Kate remains conatant.  Kate
Back in the good old days when dancing ment exploding...  Goth Goth
 If you use Be OS or are attempting to port UNIX applications to it you may want to check my Be section, There are also my various projects including the BNews Usenet newsreader.   Beos
 I always liked Toyota's sports/performance cars. Whilst my old 2000 Celica GT is neither a true sports car or very fast it is a lot of fun and my latest obsession.  Celica GT 2000
 My links page hasn't been updated in a long long time...  Links
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