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BNews. Version 1.0b

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  Main UI BNews 1.0
BNews main UI (version 0.9 beta)       BNews Technical.

BNews was written to using as main reference points

RFC-977 Network News Transfer Protocol
RFC-1036Standard for Interchange of USENET Messages

And for the implementation of XOVER and AUTHINFO.

RFC-2980 Common NNTP Extensions

Binaries: INTEL version 4.5 or later.

BNews is a Usenet news client for BeOS. It is freeware, meaning it costs nothing, and as of 6th November 2004 the source code is available under the GNU General Public License (GPL). BNews is now available as version 1.0 after an extensive development Beta program, anyone who has used any of the Beta versions will see a great speed increase in version 1.0, in terms of both article retrieval, and group display.

BNews A quick overview.

BNews allows you to read and post to the Usenet, and provides mechanisms which hopefully make using Usenet, easy and enjoyable. BNews colour codes threads in the main view, so you can easily tell the difference between new articles, and follow ups. BNews' second thread view screen will show all articles in a thread and an approximation of there relationship, the article reading window colour codes quoted text and allows access to many of BNews' features which include UUDecoding, Killfiling, ROT13 and Email. You can also navigate a thread with Next and Previous buttons, which makes reading large threads easy.
Posting to Usenet is equally easy, and if you are posting a follow-up, BNews will quote and attribute for you, and provide you with spell checking ,x-no-archive, limited x-posting, signature file edit/inclusion, and binary UUEncode,(for use in binary groups!).
BNews allows you to keep a read article, for future at the click of a button, it also by default keeps all the articles you post, however, as this may present privacy issues for some people this can be turned off, BNews has a number of configuration options. It is now a lot faster retrieving headers than development Beta versions thanks to a complete rewrite of the XOVER based article retrieval code. BNews comes with full documentation for installation and use.

 Click image for larger image Killfiling Control, quick easy and flexible...   BNews has killfiling which can be either for a month or forever, 'mark as read' or don't show at all. it also allows filtering by keywords.

It has an easy to use read screen, with previous/next in thread buttons and all Header info available in a scrollable window. The send window auto-quotes for replies corrects bad 'Re:' subject prefixes as per RFC-1036, and allows x-no-archive at the click of a tick box.

 Click image for larger image New email message being spell checked.   BNews can reply via email, or create new email messages, both Mail and News have full spell check functionality.
 Click image for larger image Reading an article, note the scrollable header window.   BNews colours quotes blue to making reading easier, next and previous buttons make reading a long thread easy.
 Click image for larger image Posting to Usenet   BNews helps you maintain 80 char. max per line and of course only posts 'plain text'

BNews is easy to set up and configure via a series of setup panels,(A selection of which are shown below). BNews has been extensively tested, and it's development history is available in the table below.

General configuration.
General configuration options.
  User Information.
User Information Configuration.
BNews has a range of setting to allow you to customize performance and security, separate panels for user and server configuration, to keep things simple and clear. Note, the General configuration panel above, has options which allow you to alter BNews' default behavior to increase privacy or enhance speed. News Server Information.
News Server Configuration.

Version history.

Version syntax is Version Number Major (M), version number minor (m) subversion letter (a) - Designation - "text string"
M is changed when a lot of changes have been made.
m is changed for small additions and bug fixes.
a is changed for minor bug fixes.
Designation is a name for the release taken from the way the 'Tin' Devs did their SOM & FOTN postscripts.
Syntax ("text")

Version Comment
  0.1 to 0.4b  ("She said C'mon let me live.")   Pre-release test versions.
  0.5a to b  ("Deeper Understanding.")
  0.6a to d  ("Feed The Fire.")
  0.7a to d  ("Passing Through Air.")
  0.8a to b  ("Spellbound.")
  0.9a to d  ("Possessed.")
  All of the Beta versions of BNews. During which bugs and problems were ironed out and new features added.
  For full details of the Beta program click me!
  1.0a  ("Never Forever")   The first completed release, new features, ROT13 and new header retrieval code. Many bugs fixed.
  1.0b  ("Never Forever")   Adds view new groups function, now availble as a 4.5 or 5.0 binary.

 BNews 1.0b BeOS 4.5 Download Page.BNews 1.0b BeOS 4.5 Download Page.

 BNews 1.0b BeOS 5.0 Download Page.BNews 1.0b BeOS 5.0 Download Page.