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BNews. Version 1.0b

Current version Intel 5.0 Binary & Source.

BNews from Beta version 0.8a has a built in spell checker, this means it also has a large dictionary file called 'lexicon' which you must download and install for the spell check function to work. However once you have installed 'lexicon' you can just download the BNews binary on it's own.
As the lexicon file is a plain text word list each word being separated by a /n and terminated with a /n if you need a different word list say for a language other than English you can make your own easily!

6th November 2004. As I have not written a single line of code in the last couple of years I think it's safe to say I won't be updating BNews any time soon. So I have decided to release the source code under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Current Version is BNews 1.0b ("Never Forever.")  -  Adds view new groups and separate 4.5 and 5 binaries.
  BNews Download.     1.0b  ("Never Forever.") Full
   BNews + lexicon + Documentation. Download size is 471Kb
  BNews Download.     1.0b  ("Never Forever.") Binary only
   BNews (Binary only) + Documentation. Download size is 140Kb
  BNews Download.     Lexicon
   Lexicon only Download size is 332Kb
  BNews Download.     BNews 1.0b Source Code
   Source Code. Download size is 85Kb

BeOS 4.5 Version download page.

Version History.

Beta Program version history. For reference only.

Last Update 6th November 2004