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BNews. Betas

Version history.

This information is for the sake of completeness all Beta version are obsoleted by version 1.0.
Version syntax is Version Number Major (M), version number minor (m) subversion letter (a) - Designation - "text string"
M is changed when a lot of changes have been made.
m is changed for small additions and bug fixes.
a is changed for minor bug fixes.
Designation is a name for the release taken from the way the 'Tin' Guys did their SOM & FOTN postscripts.
Syntax ("text")

Version Comment
  0.1 to 0.4b  ("She said C'mon let me live.")   Pre-release test versions.
  0.5a  ("Deeper Understanding.")   Adds a 6 group limit on X-posts, first distributed version.
  0.5b  ("Deeper Understanding.")   Adds Signature file functionality and fixes a potential segment violation bug.
  0.6a  ("Feed The Fire.")   Adds INN support and together with a rewrite, gives improved article retrieval.
  'Update All' groups, is now implemented, and a nasty groups purge bug is fixed.
  0.6b  ("Feed The Fire.")   Adds Connect/reconnect function and applies it to connection recovery.
  Adds Group file rebuild from last read and rebuild entire,(full refetch).
  'File' menu is renamed to a more appropriate Ctrl,(ConTRoL).
  0.6c  ("Feed The Fire.")   Adds 'read options' - 'don't count articles in thread' for much faster main
   message screen rebuilds. 'Start with view all' may be set.
  0.6d  ("Feed The Fire.")   Adds *case sensitive* Find, function for group and thread views. Also a couple of
  short cut keys have been re-assigned, and the BNews Icon has been changed slightly.
  0.7a  ("Passing Through Air.")   Adds reply via email and new email. Both queue and send immediately.
  Connection recovery greatly improved. Bug fixed in header fetching code.
  0.7b  ("Passing Through Air.")   Fixes a serious bug in the groups subscribe/unsubscribe code.
  if you are using previous versions you should upgrade.
  0.7c  ("Passing Through Air.")   Adds a startup auto-resend function which also facilitates header hacks.
  Also greatly increases the lost connection time-out.
  0.7d  ("Passing Through Air.")   Adds fetch last 3 days option for new groups.
  Alters some sub-menu names and adds more options.
  0.8a  ("Spellbound.")   Fixes a nasty bug that stop BNews fetching new articles when a killfile was set.
  Adds a full function spell checker to both Mail and News.
  0.8b  ("Spellbound.")   Fixes 'threading' offset so it actually works! Fixes group control, all groups list.
  Adds a cleaner front end and colour, to front end and group control.
  0.9a  ("Possessed.")   Adds Kept/Sent viewing, improves UI and NStat, fixes bug in 'unread only' article
  count, limits scrollbar travel in main UI, addresses some article retrieval problems.
  0.9b  ("Possessed.")   Adds user authentication code,(at last). Fixes more article retrieval bugs.
  Fixes group control lock-up when there are no groups.
  0.9c  ("Possessed.")   Adds send and receive of UUENCODEd binaries. Fixes a crash when only 1 article is listed.
  Fixes not sending MODE READER and QUIT bugs. Now Deletes orphaned group files.
  0.9d  ("Possessed.")   Fixes a Serious bug which stopped it displaying articles once kept/send was used.
  Fixes a couple of other bugs, adds file UUDecoder.

Bugs fixed in Version 1.0a

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