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BNews. Fixes For Version 1.0a

Kept/Send would not clear the list screen if they were empty, eg: if you were viewing Sent and you pressed Kept, if there were no Kept articles the screen would not clear and you'd still see Sent.

NEWNEWS command was done away with for many reasons, it puts a large strain on the news server, to such an extent some admins disable it, as it is most servers don't rush to answer it, the server latency for this command can be very long. Once it is answered, a lot of time is wasted dealing with the data you don't need. NEWNEWS is bad news!

Usernames could sometimes not be retrieved, if they were of the form <email> Name

Spell checker could crash when 'lookup' was performed.

QUIT - would wait for a dropped connection to time out.

User Config cancel could turn authentication on.... don't ask! :o)

Spell checker improved to handle apostrophes

Killfile and Filter bugs fix, and colour added to Kill control.

NStat no longer gets focus on return from modal windows, so you don't have to click the messages button twice, once to transfer focus to BNews main UI the second time to use the button.

Threadview not clearing when groups updated

Other minor bug fixes and many code improvements such as a complete rewrite of the XOVER/INN header fetching code, resulting in great speed increases. Overall BNews is greatly improved with respect to the Betas.

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