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You are probably already aware how powerful and elegant, the BeOS operating system is. However compared to Windows there isn't that much software freely available. I started by trying to port Tin to BeOS, because I wanted a newsreader. After doing this however, I decided to write one from scratch... BNews. Both my Tin port + source, and a the first release of BNews are available for download here, Also as my Genius Easypen didn't work under BeOS I wrote an input server add-on for it, which is available to download along with the source code.

 BNews Usenet newsreader project.  BNews BeOS Native Usenet newsreader.   BNews version 1.0b.

 Genius Easypen input server add-on.  An input server add-on to allow the Genius Easypen to be used under BeOS.   EasyPen Ver 1.0.

 Other completed projects to download.  Completed projects.   Download page.

 Porting tips.  Tips for porting and general functionality.