CELICA GT (2000)

00-02 and 03-05 US CD Combo units compared.

On this page is a quick pictorial comparison of the 86120-2B680 Matsushita unit (00-02) and the 86120-2B720 Fujitsu Ten unit (03-05) that superseded it.
Note: The newer unit has a Text button to display song titles etc.

Font view Left 86120-2B720 and right 86120-2B680
02-05 unit and 00-01 unit

Rear views, connected used are the same each has addition used connectors.
rear view shows the same connectors

Top views
Top views

a 86120-2B680 Matsushita label
86120-2B680 Matsushita

a 86120-2B720 Fujitsu Ten label
86120-2B720 Fujitsu Ten