CELICA GT (2000)

CD combo upgrade. (Fix Error 1)

The seventh generation Celica in the US came fitted with a 86120-2B680 Matsushita CD Combo from 2000 to 2002. This unit seems to have been prone to the CD player failing, giving Error 1 (Err 1). Celicas from 2003 to 2005 came fitted with a 86120-2B720 Fujitsu Ten CD Combo unit. This page is to show how these units are interchangeable and to show how I changed my CD out.

Tools used

Before - Original 2000 CD.Covers removedAfter - a 2003 unit installed

The 'Evil' Error 1
Err 1

To remove the CD Combo unit, first you must lift up the gear stick surround. On my manual Celica, I put my fingers inside the gear stick surround; where the gator meets the plastic and gently pull up, then back. This will reveal the two screws at the bottom of the climate control panel, you must remove all of the control knobs before proceeding! Under the two larger rotatory knobs is the second pair of retaining screws.

The climate control panel with screws exposed.

Once the 4 screws are removed the whole panel lifts up and off.
Screws removed panel lifts out

Unplug the clock connector and the panel can be removed
Unplug the clock!

The CD can be removed by removing the 4x 10mm retaining blots
removing the 4x 10mm retaining blots

Carefully pull the CD forward and disconnect the 3 connectors!
Disconnect the 3 connectors

Remove the mounting brackets for either side of the CD. 4x 8mm bolts each
Remove 4x 8mm bolts

Fit the brackets to the replacement unit.
Brackets fitted to the replacemet unit.

Now simply fit the unit back in the car and re-assemble in reverse order.
For a visual comparison of the two units showing connectors click here.


This page is ONLY to show what I did to my Celica!
I take NO responsibility for anything arising from information given here nor do I guarantee its correctness!