CELICA GT (2000)

Replacing Rotors/Discs and Pads

My Celica failed inspection on brakes, brokeness forces a DIY job which I found to be surprisingly easy!!!

This page is more 'notes on' Than a how to guide. Having chocked the back wheels, put the car on stands, I soaked the bolts I would need to remove with PB Blaster. I removed the outer part of the caliper and suspended it with string to avoid the brake line being damaged. I removed the inner part of the caliper that holds the pads. Removed the pads, cleaned the caliper with brake cleaner,(buy a couple of cans). Gave the Dust cover a blast with enamel paint. Fitted the new pads applying a small about of Molybdenum grease and re-assembled.
Note: To fit the caliper back over the new pads I removed the cap from the brake fluid reservoir and compressed the piston but rotating a hammer stale against on the old pads.

Tools and Parts used

Up on Stands

Wheels off old rotor and pads...

Soak the bolts in PB Blaster.

Replacement parts

Remove 17mm retaining bolt and Suspended the Caliper to prevent damage and stain on the brake hose!

Old Pads

Remove the 2 x 14mm Bolts.

Old Rotor

Loading new pads, applied Moly grease.

Compressing the piston with a hammer stale and old pad!

Pads and Rotors/Discs fitted


This page is ONLY to show what I did to my Celica!
I take NO responsibility for anything arising from information given here nor do I guarantee its correctness!