CELICA GT (2000)

Bleeding the Cooling System

There are a number of reasons why you may wish to bleed your cooling system, maybe you've disconnected/replaced a cooling hose. Maybe your engine is overheating and you suspect an air lock.. Whatever the reason the process is thankfully straightforward, if a little messy!
I found a great write-up on how to perform this operation here: www.newcelica.org - Celica Coolant Bleeding Procedure

As it says in the aforementioned write up, keep your hands well clear of belts and fans when the engine is running, and wear gloves because those hoses get hot! I used a cheap ($1.98 for 3 pairs) pair of gloves, and put both gloves on the hand that was squeezing the hoses. I believe the hose the manual suggests to massage the "radiator lower hose" is the hose on the alternator side,(passenger side US), of the engine compartment. Massaging the heater hoses can't hurt either, especially if your problem is no heat!

Tools used

Clips and Bolt

Coolant reservoir raised
Excerpts from the Toyota Manual

Remove the upper front fender apron seal and upper radiator support seal.
Remove the 2 bolts.
Disconnect the 3 clamps and 2 hoses, then place hoses on air cleaner case.
Lift the engine coolant reservoir and hook it on a hood latch to fix.
Remove the bleeder plug.
(Referring to refilling the system)  Supply coolant of approx. 3.7 liters into the reserve tank until the level reaches FULL line.
  • Use of improper coolants may damage engine cooling system.
  • Use "Toyota Long Life Coolant" or equivalent and mix it with plain water according to the manufactures directions.
  • Use of the coolant which includes more than 50% [freezing protection down to-35C (-31 F)] or 60% [freezing protection down to -50C (-58F)] of ethylene-glycol is recommended, but not more than 70%.
  • Do not use an alcohol type coolant or plain water alone.
  • The coolant should be mixed with plain water (preferably demineralized water or distilled water).
(Referring to refilling the system)  When the level can not be lowered before the supply of the 3.7 liters coolant, squeeze the radiator lower hose several times while blocking the hole in the bleeder plug with a finger, and surely,(slowly?) supply the coolant.
Start the engine with the reservoir cap and the bleeder plug removed and warm it up until the cooling fan blows first and then stops.

Below is the Engine prior to work
Engine prior to work

Below shows one cover removed with the clip positions indicated
One corver removed, clips indicated

Below shows the cover retaining plugs, Torx!
The cover retaining plugs, Torx!

Below is the Coolant reservoir with the bleed plug indicated
Coolant reservoir

Below the coolant reservoir suspended!
Reservoir suspended

Below the system being bled!
Bleed in progress

Below are the hoses that need to be massaged!


This page is ONLY to show what I did to my Celica!
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