CELICA GT (2000)

Cleaning the Mass Air flow Sensor / MAF sensor

The Mass Air flow Sensor is situated after the air filer, before the air hose and measures the air flow into the engine. From this measurement the ECU can calculate the correct amount of fuel to deliver. Over time small particles of debris build up on the side of the sensor facing the incoming air. This debris can effect the sensor accuracy, thus causing the fuel air mix to be incorrect. The photos below show my Celica's sensor before and after cleaning. It is probable the last time that sensor saw the light of day, prior to cleaning, was 9 years ago in Japan!
The MAF sensor is both delicate and expensive $130 - $200+ new! DO NOT TOUCH IT with anything!. To clean it I used a can of MAF sensor cleaner, this:

MAF Cleaner spray

Below is the MAF sensor in situ
The MAF in situ

Below is the dirty side of MAF sensor prior to cleaning
MAF Sensor prior to cleaning

Below is the same side of the MAF sensor after cleaning
Cleaned MAF Sensor

Below is another view of the cleaned sensor
Cleaned MAF Sensor side angle

Below are the test procedures for the MAF copied from the service manual. I have not tried these!


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