CELICA GT (2000)

Throttle Body and IAC cleaning

The Celica GT's Throttle Body and IAC are show in the pictures below, Carbon build up in the Idle Air Control valve situated at the base of the throttle body can result in delayed throttle response from idle. A great write up of the fix can be found on the C7Performance forum here and here on the Celica Hobby forum here
The task of removing the throttle body has one real problem area, removing the coolant hoses. The coolant is fed through the bottom of the IAC valve housing at the bottom of the throttle body to heat up the throttle body so the throttle plate does not freeze in cold climates. The clips that secure the hoses in place need to be squeezed and pushed back up the hose, the lower clip is especially difficult and a good selection of pliers is recommended. The IAC retaining screws are soft and very hard to remove, maybe and impact driver would have helped???
A final note, if you need to remove the IAC sensor the special 5 Point Torx bits are available on ebay.

Tools used
  • Socket wrench
  • 12mm socket, (see photo/note on socket depth)
  • 10mm socket
  • Pliers, (the more you have to choose from the better, those clips are evil)
  • No.1 Phillips screwdriver? (for me the IAC screws would not budge and I rounded the heads!)
A coolant hose clip, know your enemy!
Throttle body coolant hose clip

Below is the Throttle body before work
Celica GT 200 throttle body

Below 2 12mm sockets, their depth compared
12mm Sockets compared

Below Cable disconnected and part of the coolant piping.*
Throttle cable disconected

Throttle Body with air hose removed
Air hose removed

Below the removed air hose!
Air Hose

Throttle cable removed
Throttle cable removed

Removal with 12mm socket on a 6" extension
The manual gives install Torque as 21N-m 210kgf-cm 15ft-lbf
Throttle body removal

Throttle body removed

Below the 3 screws mounting the IAC to the Throttle body.
These screws would not move and the heads rounded easily!!!
IAC with the 3 screws retaining it

After re-assembly I did the coolant bleed procedure to remove trapped air from the coolant system.


This page is ONLY to show what I did to my Celica!
I take NO responsibility for anything arising from information given here nor do I guarantee its correctness!