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Happy Rhodes.   Happy Rhodes is a prodigiously talented artist. She has a four-octave range and a voice which as led her to be compared to Kate Bush and sometimes she sounds just like Kate, though mostly she just sounds like Happy. Musically she is unique and her subject matter diverse. Maybe there are too many Kate comparisons, Happy Rhodes is a talented and original artist and in no way derivative, but I would say if you like Kate you'll like Happy and the converse is also true.
  Happy Rhodes was born Kimberley Tyler Rhodes on August 9, 1965 in Poughkeepsie, New York. She was always called Happy by family and friends and late had her name changed. She was signed by Aural Gratification in 1984 and produced 9 albums on that label, she moved to Samson Music in 1997 and released 1 album for them, but is now no longer with Samson as they have repositioned themselves in the music industry.
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