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Bootlegs - Some Info.


What is a Bootleg recording?

A bootleg can be defined as any recording which is made without the consent of all the holders of the copyright to the material being recorded. Illegal concert recordings, even rerecordings of official released material etc. The majority of bootlegs are of live concerts, and whilst record companies bitch about them, they do not hurt record sales as the people who buy them in general are fans who have all the records anyway and if they haven't; listening to the bootleg is more likely to make them go out and buy more records. If they've ever tour or sold a few records you can guarantee someone somewhere will have made a bootleg recording of them.

Kate Bush Bootlegs?

You might think, as Kate has only ever toured once back in 1979, that there wouldn't be many interesting Kate Bush bootlegs about. Well you'd be wrong! Firstly there's the 'home demo tapes' before she got a record deal with EMI, Kate sent out many demo tapes to various record companies. Not surprisingly these recordings have found there way onto bootleg CDs, the ones I have have clearly been mastered from a vinyl recording, I do not no if a CD exists that's been take directly from the original tape. There are of course bootlegs from the 1979 'tour of life' as well as various bootlegs of live appearances on TV or Radio.

Should you buy a bootleg?

If you haven't already got all of Kate's albums, the answers no, because the quality of Kate's studio recordings is far superior to anything you'll get on bootleg CD's. But if you have already got all Kate's official releases and want something interesting to listen to then I would recommend you buy a bootleg, but be aware bootlegs are illegal and neither Kate or EMI will receive any revenue from there sale.

Where would you get one from?

You will not be able to wander into your local record store and buy a bootleg CD, the best place I can recommend is record fairs, most traders will have portable Hi-Fi's and will let you hear the quality of the recording before you buy.Also be warned, not all bootleggers are trustworthy,(surprise, surprise); and some material is not what it pertains to be.

Bootlegs I haven't listed.

That'll be most of them! If you have a Kate Bush CD bootleg that you want me to list, mail me the title,label,track list etc. and if you can manage 2 JPEGS of the cover 125x125 all the better. Of course I'd credit you for your work. But note I will not list any CD which contains material pirated from EMI releases etc. Such as duplicates of the 'This Woman's Work.' box set extra discs. As far as I am concerned this crosses the line and is general wrong.