Kate Bush @ Paradise Place

Hounds of Love.

Originally Released      : September 1985.
Highest UK chart Position: 1
Weeks in the UK chart    : 51

 The Hounds of Love front artwork.The Hounds of Love rear artwork.HOL EMI100 front artwork.HOL EMI100 front artwork.

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Track List.
Side 1,(LP). Hound Of Love. 
1. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God). #
2. Hounds Of Love. #
3. The Big Sky. #
4. Mother Stands For Comfort.
5. Cloudbusting. #
Side 2,(LP). The Ninth Wave.
1. And Dream Of Sheep.
2. Under Ice.
3. Waking The Witch.
4. Watch You Without Me.
5. Jig Of Life.
6. Hello Earth.
7. The Morning Fog.
Additional tracks on EMI100 version. 
1. The Big Sky,(MeTeorogical Mix).
2. Running Up That Hill,(12" Mix).
3. Be Kind To My Mistakes.
4. Under The Ivy.
5. Burning Bridge.
6. My Lagan Love.
# = Released as a single.
 Side 2, of the 'Hounds Of Love' album was the concept side entitled 
'The Ninth Wave'. To hear Kate talk about this album, check the Real Audio Interview.
There was also a video release at the same time entitled The Hair of the Hound.
In 1997 EMI re-released 'Hounds Of Love' in a card box with a booklet digitally
remastered with 6 extra tracks add. As part of EMI's centenary hence EMI100.