Kate Bush @ Paradise Place

The Whole Story '94.

Originally Released      : September? 1994.
Media                    : Video CD
The Whole Story '94 front artwork.The Whole Story '94 rear artwork.
Track List.
Disc 1.
1.  Introduction.
2.  Wuthering Heights.
3.  Cloudbusting.
4.  The Man With The Child In His Eyes.
5.  Breathing.
6.  Wow.
7.  Hounds Of Love.
8.  Running Up That Hill.
9.  Army Dreamers.
10. Sat In Your Lap.
11. Experiment IV.
Approximate running time 43 Minutes.
Disc 2.
1.  The Dreaming.
2.  Babooshka.
3.  The Big Sky.
4.  The Sensual World.
5.  Love & Anger.
6.  This Woman's Work.
7.  Rubberband Girl.
8.  Moments Of Pleasure.
9.  Kate Bush Discography.
10. End Credits.
Approximate running time 37 Minutes.
Technical Notes and various players.
Ok you've got your Video CD how do you play it? It depends on
your platform and video hardware. If your using a PC and
Windows 95/98 Media player version 6 will play them well.
If you using the Mac OS Quicktime 3 should do the job nicely.
If your using Linux or Unix try MpegTV. 
If you have an obscure OS and you use a VideoCD/MPEG player, let me
know and I'll list it.