Kate Bush @ Paradise Place

This Woman's Live Work.

Originally Released      : 1993.
Quality/Source           : Good / Tape?
Bootlegger/'Record Label': Invasion Unlimited.

 TWLW front artwork.TWLW rear artwork.


Track List.
1.  Wuthering Heights.
2.  The Man With [The] Child In His Eyes.
3.  Them Heavy People.
4.  Moving.
5.  The Long And Winding Road.
6.  She's Leaving Home.
7.  Room For The Life.
8.  In The Warm Room.
9.  The (Wo)man With The Child In His(Her) Eyes.
10. Symphony In Blue.
11. December Will Be Magic Again.
12. Ran Tan Waltz.
13. Egypt.
14. Another Day.
15. Breathing.
16. The Wedding List.
17. Under The Ivy.
18. Running Up That Hill.
19. Don't Give Up.
20. Let It Be.
Tracks   1-3 from 'Saturday Night Live' US-TV May 1978.
Tracks   4-6 from Japanese-TV, 25th June 1978.
Tracks   7,8 from German-TV, April 1979.
Track      9 Live in London, 12th May 1979, Charity gig with
             Peter Gabriel and Steve Harley.
Tracks 10-14 from a UK-TV Special 28th December 1979,
             with Peter Gabriel on Track 14.
Track     15 UK-TV, 1980.
Track     16 Live in London, 2nd secret policeman's charity gig,
             Pete Townshend on guitar and Phil Collins on Drums October 1982.
Track     17 UK-TV 1985.
Tracks 18+20 Live in London, 28th March 1987. Amnesty international charity
             gig with David Gilmour on guitar and guest vocals.
Track     19 Live in London, 28 June, 1987. Surprise guest appearance at 
             a Peter Gabriel gig.

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