Kate Bush @ Paradise Place

Kate Bush - Home Demos.

Originally Released      : 1994
Quality/Source           : Fair / Vinyl
Bootlegger/'Record Label': The Genuine Pig Records.

 Home Demos front artwork.Home Demos rear artwork.


Track List.
1.  Babooshka.
2.  Kashka From Baghdad.
3.  Coming Up.
4.  Oh, To Be In Love.
5.  Playing Canasta.
6.  Snow.
7.  Ferry Me Over.
8.  Lionhearts.
9.  Violin.
10. The Craft Of Love.
11. Queen Eddie.
12. In My Garden.
13. Frightened Eyes.
14. Never The Less.
15. Goodnight Baby.
16. So Soft.
17. I Don't See Why I Shouldn't.
18. Babooshka.
19. The Kick Inside.
20. Hammer Horror.
21. A Rose Growing Old.
22. Keep Me Waiting.
23. Davy.
24. Disbelieving Angel.
25. Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake.
26. Kite.
27. L'Amour Looks Something Like You.
28. Strange Phenomena.
29. Really Gets Me Going.
Tracks 1-24:
These songs were take from demo tapes Kate sent to various recording
companies in 1974.
Tracks 25-29:
Studio Out takes with the K.T.Bush Band, 1975.
The titles that are greyed were later re-recorded and released, 
the rest never were.
The details of this bootleg were submitted by Bryan Dongray who's Kate site is really worth visiting! Here