Kate Bush @ Paradise Place

Love And Anger.

Originally Released      : February 1990.
Highest UK chart Position: 38
Weeks in the UK chart    : 3
Taken from the album     : The Sensual World
Love And Anger front artwork.Love And Anger rear artwork.Love And Anger internal artwork.  
Track List.
Love And Anger.
Ken. #
12" / CD
Love And Anger.
Ken. #
The Confrontation. *
One Last Look Around The House Before We Go. *
The three additional tracks, were created for the comic-strip 'GLC'. A comedy
in which the disbanding of the Greater London Council was filmed in a
Hollywood / spaghetti western style. It was very funny.
There was a limited edition 7" gatefold+booklet, show above.
# Only available on This Woman's Work (Box Set) Disc I
* Not available on anything else.