Kate Bush @ Paradise Place

And So Is Love.

Originally Released      : November 1994.
Highest UK chart Position: 26
Weeks in the UK chart    : 2
Taken from the album     : The Red Shoes
And So Is Love front artwork.And So Is Love rear artwork.ASIL pic disc  front artwork.ASIL pic disc  rear artwork.
Track List.
And So Is Love.
Rubberband Girl,(US Mix). *
12" / CD
And So Is Love.
Rubberband Girl,(US Mix). *
Eat The Music,(US Mix). * 
And So Is Love was also released as a 7" picture disc together with a
'giant fly poster' and when they as giant the mean giant!!
Rubberband Girl was previously a single from this album.
The limited edition CD contained three 'film prints' click below to view.
Print1, Print2, Print3. 
* Not available on anything else.