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  This page is devoted to Kate Bush and her work. For those of you who are unfortunate enough not to have heard of Kate, please check the synopsis. Plato once described Sappho as the tenth Muse, I would describe Kate Bush as the tenth Muse.
What's on these pages?, Photos, Interview transcripts, links to other Kate related sites etc. Click the 'Kate Bush' logo at the top of the pages to return to this page.
These pages where created in the late 90's. Time passes, the world changes, the Muse returns, her art timeless and true.

Download: The awesome rare 'Soundboard recordings of Kate Bush Live at Manchester Apollo 10-4-1979


PicturesPictures of Kate hopefully rare and interesting.

WordsVarious Interviews with Kate,(in HTML Text).

Real MediaReal audio interviews and a real video page.

SynopsisA short, general history of Kate and her Music.

DiscographyA small discography of Kate's official EMI releases.

Kindred ArtistsArtist often compared to Kate..

NewsAny news on forthcoming releases etc.

AddressesAddresses of various Kate Bush fan clubs etc.

Links,(Kate)Links to good Kate sites.

Links,(Other)Links to useful and interesting sites.

Paradise PlaceMain Paradise Place welcome page.



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