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The following Radio interviews with Kate have been encoded into Real Audio files for you to hear, note any songs have been removed for both copyright and file size reasons. The files are mono, mainly due to the lashup cabling as well as to help file size. There are two ways you can hear these files, 1. You could download the whole file to your drive, it will be stored in a temporary directory then play, this way you get a copy on your drive you can move and keep, but you have to wait for the whole file to download before you hear anything. 2. You could 'Stream' it to your player, it plays almost straight away but you don't get a copy. You will need the RealPlayer to play these files, which is an essential piece of software anyway, and it's free.These files were encoded using the RealEncoder 5.1

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Hounds of love 'classic albums' Kate talks to DJ Richard Skinner about the 'Hounds of Love' album.

The Sensual World Interview. Kate talks to DJ Roger Scot about 'The Sensual World' album.


These videos have been encoded using 'Real producer',(Available free); to play this file you will need the 'Realplayer' G2 or better.

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