Kate Bush @ Paradise Place

The sensual world Interview.

This interview from 1989 in which Kate talks to DJ Roger Scot about tracks from and the making of 'The Sensual World' Album, was originally broadcast on BBC Radio 1.Of course for the sake of bandwidth and copyright I have edited the songs out, but all of the interview is here for you to enjoy! Also as the songs were not discussed in album order I've listed them between the files.You will need the RealPlayer to hear them which is an essential piece of software anyway, and its free.These files were encoded using the RealEncoder 5.1 which is also free!
Note: If you experience problems with downloaded files or know you want to download them all, the full set is available in a single ZIP file, Here.

Real Audio Player.

Stream File 1 or Download it Size 476Kb Duration 3m53s

followed by track: The Sensual World.

Stream File 2 or Download it Size 572Kb Duration 4m39s

followed by track: Between A Man and a Woman.

Stream File 3 or Download it Size 568Kb Duration 4m38s

followed by track : Never Be Mine.

Stream File 4 or Download it Size 519Kb Duration 4m14s

followed by track: Rocket's Tail.

Stream File 5 or Download it Size 868Kb Duration 7m04s

followed by track: The Fog.

Stream File 6 or Download it Size 370Kb Duration 3m01s

followed by track: Heads were Dancing.

Stream File 7 or Download it Size 543Kb Duration 4m23s

followed by track: Deeper Understanding.

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Thanks, for listening. I hope you enjoyed them!