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19th April 2011 A New Album and a Kate presence on the internet!




Kate Bush - Director's Cut. Front cover

30th October 2007 On October 07th, 2007 on the www.raintribe.com web site the original demo track of "Why Should I love you" that Kate sent to Prince was posted as a high quality MP3! It was taken down not long after that! This track is longer, all Kate and superior IMHO to the version on TRS. If like me, you missed the opportunity to download from it raintribe, don't dispair, as alway it can be download via eMule (win32) or aMule(Linux/Mac OS X) from the ED2K network. Install eMule, connect and simply copy the link below and paste it into the transfer window. Enjoy!! :)


21st August 2007 An article in a British news paper the Daily Express stated Kate had asked Leslie Phillips to do a voiceover on the new album!
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9th November 2005 Kate has been interviewed on two BBC Radio programs Radio 4 "front row" and Radio 2 "Mark Radcliffe" these interviews can currently be streamed from the BBC website. They can also be obtain in MP3 format via P2P. Below are ED2K links paste these links into eMule or any other good ED2K client.



2nd November 2005 Mojo Magazine out now has an exclusive interview with Kate!
Record Collector

29th September 2005 A nice review by the british news paper The Mirror.

02nd September 2005 New Single "King of the Mountain" out in October 24th and Double Album "Aerial" out on November 7th.

19th January 2003 Kate is featured on the front cover of February's Mojo Magazine, which contains a 9 page feature on Kate!

2nd November 2002 Here in Britain, the BBC are going to be rebroadcasting a Kate Bush performance on 'Top Of The Pops 2'. This will air on the 12 November and the performance will be chosen by Voting on the BBC TOTP2 site!

21st August 2002 An article on Kate Bush websites features in this month's Record Collector, and this site gets a mention! ;o)
Record Collector
18th November 2001 Kate appears in Q magazine's write-up of their awards, and a full interview is promised in December's issue!
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30th October 2001 Kate voted " Q Classic Songwriter" see a picture of Kate from a few local paper which carried the results
Kate wins Q award. CLick for full sized image

19th July 2000 Kate's Press statement, via the Kate Bush club.

16th July 2000 After several rumors, today's 'The Mail on Sunday' revealed Kate has a son Bertie, who is now above 1 year old, the article also went on to detail where she was living and with whom, all of which of course was none of their business. The article was two pages in length padded out with the usual tabloid speculations. They did confirm the news that Kate is working on a new album. :o)

04th April 2000 The following picture came to light via a posting on rec.music.gaffa it is a recent photo of Kate taken at Rolf Harris' 70th birthday celebration on March 30th this year.

Kate and Rolf Harris 30th March 2000.

20th. March 2000: The 'Disney' rumour continues to run, and it has been said that Disney tried to interfere with Kate's lyrics, if this were the case it's pretty certain Kate would never compromise her work... Rumours!

11th. September 1999 The following was appeared on aint-it-cool-news and was subsequently posted to rec.music.gaffa: "Kate Bush (yes!) will do a song for 'Dinosaur'". Check out the whole article. HERE view with the usual degree of scepticism due for any Kate related Net rumour. :)

23rd February 1999: :-) Kate Bush club statement with regard to the Sun story below :"Don't worry - just another silly rumour."

14th February 1999: It would seem on 11th of this month the Sun 'newspaper' ran a story that said Kate had abandoned the new album, she's been working on for five years, in favour of writing plays! This was picked up on by Radio 1. This must be viewed as the usual bullshit for which the Sun is rightly infamous!

3rd October 1998: The music magazine MOJO October issue, asked 175 singers to pick their 10 greatest vocalists of all time, from this they made 'The 100 greatest singers of all time.' Kate Bush came 81st! Not bad for someone who hasn't released an album in five years.

22nd August1998: For those of us in the UK, Channel 4 will be broadcasting Celia Lowenstein's film "Like a God When He Plays" which documents Paddy's personal pilgrimage to the land of Marovany. The official news letter in which this news featured also carried the following denials :) "Kate has been busy but not inspecting venues, buying property or filming in the London underground."

12th July 1998: According to the latest rumours on the Usenet,( rec.music.gaffa); Kate is working on a new album, but it *will not* be ready for release in the near future.

12th July 1998: If your are trying to find Kate's lyrics or Kate samples online, you may find it a lot more difficult. As it appears someone who *appears* to represent EMI is contacting those site that have 'violated EMI's copyright' insisting they remove this type of material! Whilst EMI are completely within their rights to do so, it is rather sad when sites devoted to other artists on the web are not,(as yet); subject to such restrictions.

12th April 1998: There is a rumour going around which is as yet unsubstantiated that Kate has been working on a new album which could be due for release in the later part of this year!! :-)