Kate Bush @ Paradise Place

Hello everyone,

Here is a press statement I have issued and I wanted you to see it....

"A number of inaccurate comments have been made about me in recent
articles which I am taking further. I just want everyone to know I am very
happy and proud to have such a beautiful son, Bertie - he is absolutely
gorgeous. Far from being secretive, I am just trying to be a good protective
mother and give him as normal a childhood as possible whilst preserving his
privacy - surely everyone can understand that. I am having great fun being a
Mum as well as working on a new album"

I hope you will understand how invaluable it has been to me to have
a very fulfilling and normal start to motherhood and I felt unable to
tell you about Bertie previously for reasons already explained.
He is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. He is my joy and
I'm very happy and very busy being a Mum. I am finding time to write 
for the new album and very pleased so far.

Thanks again for your lovely letters and kind wishes.
I hope you will be happy for me.

Lots of love,