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Technical, Hardware.


FCC Search tools By looking up an FCC ID number you can find the manufacturer and hence a source of support.
Apple Computers Makers of the deeply wonderful Power Macs.
AMD Makers of the K6-3 (Socket 7), and the PIII beating Athlon.
Cyrix Makers of extremely cheap, and good value processors.
Motorola Makers of many things including the PowerPC Processors.
Intel Makers of the Pentium range including PIII and Xeon.
SonicBlue (was S3) Drivers and utilities, popular graphics and sound chipsets.
Matrox Fast graphics cards.
3DFX The 3D acceleration experts,get the latest drivers there.
Umax Makers of scanners and formerly quick Mac clones.
Award One of the most popular BIOS suppliers.
Hayes The Modem people.
Diamond Graphics cards, modems and of course the Rio!
Creative Labs The PC soundcard manufacture.
Genius Mice, Keyboards,scanners etc.
Iomega Makers of the Zip & Jaz drives, and other storage devices.
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