Paradise Place
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Kate Bush Site internal, Lots of info, pictures, real audio and a large links page.
Happy Rhodes Site internal, A small page devoted to this amazing singer songwriter.
Goth Site internal A few scans, interviews, mainly links though.
Really Deep Thoughts Official Tori Amos site.
Tori Pics Lots of Tori Amos pics
Kittens in Cement Lots more good Tori Amos links.
'Madness in my Soul' Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry site.
Japan Nice Japan page.
Japan Assemblage Another nice Japan page.
Teenage Wildlife. A good David Bowie site.
Electric Magic A good Led Zeppelin site. The Alanis Morrissette site.
CDNow They have real audio for most bands, and a European distribution centre.
SecondSpin Very cheap used CDs,DVDs etc.
CDZone A UK CD,Video Book & Software supplier.
Record Collector Record Collector magazine online.
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