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Currency converter Online currency converter.Convert your Quids to Bucks here :o)
Forte FreeAgent 16 & 32 bit Newsreader,The Best free newsreader.
Netscape Creators of the Navigator Browser now owned by AOL.
NetLab The NetCops friend, DNS look-up,WhoIs etc. :-) don't kill spam without it.
Web Ferret A great Free Win95 search program.
WS_FTP *The* FTP program,Free.
RealAudio Player. essential. A must have.
Cyberkit A neat little util. Postcardware.
Bigfoot If you pay by the minute for your phone time. A good free connection cost track Win95 via modemlog.
Meta Tags A page explaining the use of Meta Tags.
Cookie Cruncher Delete unwanted cookies with it.
Tips and tricks A tips page for Web site design.
Submit It! Submits your websites URL free to 20 search engines.
Virgin Net A good British ISP, now gone FREE.
Freeserve The *first* free British ISP to make an impact.
Usenet II Usenet II info, thought I don't know of a UK ISP carrying it.
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