Samsung SyncMaster 2220WM Power supply repair.

The Samsung SyncMaster 2220WM 22" LCD Monitor suffers from power supply failure; one day the monitor will just no longer power on and the blue power LED may flash. The good news is the failing components are secondary smoothing capacitors.
Note: The primary side of a switch mode power supply will have potential lethal voltages when running, and that big smoothing capacitor can hold a nasty bite for a while after it is powered off.

Below shows the replacement of all of the secondary capacitors, with good quality Japanese capacitors which with shipping from came to around $14! I have included the mouser part numbers for the capacitors I chose.
Ideally, to perform this repair you would use a good high temperature soldering iron, a good solder sucker and desoldering braid. Alternatively, if they still exist, a TV repair shop should fix this easily.

Secondary Capacitors
 C818,C819 1000uF 16V 105 - 667-EEU-FR1C102
 C815 1000uF 35V 105 - 667-EEU-FR1V102B
 C816 820uF 35V 105 - 667-EEU-FR1V821LB
 C817 470uF 25V 105 - 667-EEU-FR1E471YB
 C820 47uF 25V 105 - 667-EEU-FR1E470B
 C827 47uF 25V 105 - 667-EEU-FR1E470B

Primary Capacitors
 C807 47uF 25V 105 - 667-EEU-FR1E470B

Download the Samsung 2220WM Service manual Samsung 2220WM Service manual

PSU Schematic from the Samsung service manual

Assembled tools ready for work

Use a 'butter knife' to release the cover clips

The Power Supply

Remove clip on covers to access and unplug inverter wires

Carefully lift the Power supply and unclip the ribbon cable inside

The two bad Capacitors: SAMXON green 1000uf 10v 105 on the +5V rail

The (additional?) Heat has also caused a few dry joints

Recapping begins

Job Done!